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June 12, 2013
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Just my opinion about new iOS by Kentagon Just my opinion about new iOS by Kentagon
I like Apple, iOS and all the new functions that the new iOS7 brings but this set of new icons...
I mean, serious?!??
My first impression about it is the feeling of incomplete concept or undone design!
What about yours?!
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Evonyx3 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
These shadows and shines are unnecessary and make it more complex. 
iOS7 is very clean and easy to use but still colorful and harmonious.
You don't need to add effects, they are simply unnecessary.
xanhellxamayax Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
-My god, you're amazing! haha, this is fucking great and the result is far better.
Satarte Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
Yep, you're right. iOS 7 icons look like mockups icons, not designs. They are "candy like" and infantile, which makes iPhone look more like a toy, not like a functional device with serious support for daily task. I like yours better.
Kentagon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
Thank you buddy! iOS looks not as elegant and gorgeous as before! We just can hope they will bring them back in the final version!
rotane Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013   General Artist
Well, i definitely agree with you – those iOS 7 icons are horrendous.

I do not, however, feel that adding "fluff" (shadows, gradients, gloss, etc.) will fix them. You see, the biggest problem i'm having with iOS 7 icons are the proportions:
1) They're slightly bigger than before. This is okay. But:
2) Corner radius also increased, but more so than icon sizes. Makes them look childish.
3) The symbols inside the main boundaries take up too much space – they creep too closely to the edge of the icons. Makes them look imbalanced.
4) Lack of detail, coupled with larger size and simpler symbols, make them appear overly simplistic and boring. And there's too much white. All this results in lack of character. A unified look is great, but here Apple went too far.

Anyway. I think, after iOS 2 i finally have reason to jailbreak again – if only to change the stock icons. Because i doubt Apple will change them until release. :shrug:
Kentagon Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Totally agree with you, i completely don't understand why do they come out with this set, what I did is just try to make it reasonable with the idea that the design is undone but they have to push it out to meet the WWDC time, there is still some more steps to take.

But honestly I think there is smthing wrong with the software design this time, those gradient and gaussian blur... well, not working for me, imagine how will the whole OS look if you use a solid color wallpaper, terrible!!!

I really hope they will release the final version with a new set of icon. If not, yah all the way to Cydia right:D?!
rotane Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013   General Artist
Yeah, seems like their designers had no clear goal in mind this time. I can almost hear them: "Hmm, okay, people have been complaining about our iOS for so long now, and how boring it has become, so let's give them something new. Let's try a bit of Windows Phone, but not too much, and let's keep our round corners across the board, so people will still recognize us." Then they slapped on a "cool grid" for the symbols to sit on, and voilà. Done.

Ugh. :no:

It's a shame, because some of the things shown in iOS 7 looked really nice. But these icons were definitely the worst part. Fortunately, the easiest to replace – Cydia for the rescue :nod:
Kentagon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
We expect for the better but maybe also need to prepare for the...worse:
rotane Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013   General Artist
Yeah. These "new" icons are by no means better than the ones we saw at the conference. But if this means Apple is still working on those, then yeah, there might still be hope.
se7enjay Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
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